Black Seed (Nigella-Sativa)

"Black seed contains the cure for every disease except death." - Muhammad (pbuh) passed Abu Hurairah.

Black seed (çörek alienation - Grass for biscuits) is native to south and southwest Asia. It grows up to 30 cm, with a beautiful and delicate flowers which are usually painted in white and light blue. The result is a large inflated capsule composed of three to seven sections each of which is filled with seeds. The seeds are used as a spice in food and oil as a remedy. It has a strong and bitter taste and smell. From this seed through cold pressure we get oil which is rich in unsaturated whole acids. These acids are essential (vital), so it is necessary to get them from food. Today black seed is cultivated mainly in Syria, Iraq, Egypt, America, India, Pakistan, Iran, Greece and Cyprus, as it thrives best in sunny areas.

Black Seed (Nigella-Sativa)

In Islam, it is considered as one of the best medicines there is. In the East, traditionally used in the treatment of diseases such as asthma, bronchitis, rheumatism, inflammatory conditions, by increasing the production of milk in breastfeeding mothers, to improve digestion and destruction of intestinal parasites. There are currently five approved patent AZ treatment by the FDA in America (diabetes, cancer cell growth reduction, improved immune system, viral infections, psoriasis), and one in England (asthma).

Ćurekot (Black Seed/Nigella-Sativa)

In our country a lot of black seed can easily be found in different formats as the seed and black seed oil and creams for the face, but we'll get more tips and recipes for that in health section. Just be careful of course that you are using Nigella sativa and not some similar plant, and that it comes from a reputable seller. The best and most popular types of oil are from Egypt (Al-Baraka), black seed, which has the greatest power in the oil. Egyptian black seed is one of the earliest cultivated plants of mankind. Only recently this plant is again detected by a doctors of alternative medicine, rheumatologists and various pharmaceutical companies.